Which purchasing methods are accepted?

All major credit cards, debit cards, PayPal, and other forms of payments are accepted.

What are the shipping and handling charges?

Please check our shipping policy page.

How do I track my shipment?

You will receive an email with a tracking number from FEDEX or USPS that will allow you to follow the progress of your delivery.



When will the plants be shipped?

Most of the time, you should receive your plants in 7–15 days. Plants are typically shipped on Monday or Tuesday after the purchase is received. To ensure that the plants arrive at your location within a week, we send the plants on Monday and Tuesday. Plants will not be pleased if they are left in the warehouses over the weekend because they are perishable goods.

(The shipping dates can be subject to changes, due to various extraneous circumstances-like weather)

What happens if the plants perish, are defective, killed, damaged, or are sent the incorrect thing?

RETURNS AND REPLACEMENTS ARE AS EASY AS POSSIBLE WITH US. On the majority of our returns to Amazon and eBay, we provide free delivery credits and new items.

However, if there is anything wrong with the plant, please let us know as soon as possible (within two days of receiving the cargo), and if possible, give us some information and a few photos. Following evaluation, we will either send you a replacement plant within the following 15 to 30 days, at your request, or give a refund.

What sort of assurance do I receive?

We make every effort to make refunds and replacements simple. We offer free return delivery and reimbursements on the majority of our returns on eBay and Amazon.

A 30-day guarantee is available from the date the merchandise is received from us. Within 30 days of purchase, we offer replacement or reimbursement if the plant fails.

We ask the client to provide sowing information along with two to three images of the plants.

Returns for semi-bare-root should be made within 24 hours of discovering any harm, dissatisfaction, or disagreement. The buyer is responsible for paying return postage.

Are the plants delivered bare root or in their containers?

The majority of our plants are delivered in their pots, as is mentioned in the plant description. Some are delivered semi-bare-root, which is its own distinct category.

The majority of our plants are delivered in their pots, as is mentioned in the plant description. Some are delivered semi-bare-root, which is its own distinct group.

Potted plants: To ensure that the plants arrive at their location in perfect condition, they are delivered with fertilizer and their plastic pots (or, occasionally, grow bags). The plants may appear a little withered when they first arrive after their trip, but they will recover within 7 to 15 days.

Semi-bare-root plants: The roots of the plant are removed from the pot or earth in this instance before being enveloped in moist paper, with or without dirt. The roots are coated with peat moss, a moist substance, and a type of plastic to prevent evaporation.

The semi-bare-root method's main benefit is the significantly reduced cost of transportation. Bare-root planting is best done in the fall and winter, which is also when most planting should be done.

The stems of the plants should be given a 30-minute soak as soon as they are received before being planted immediately. In order to lessen tension during transportation, we also trim the plant.

For returns, any harm, dislike, or disagreement must be reported within 24 hours.

PS: In the autumn and winter, it is very safe to transport semi-bare roots.

What various sizes of plants are there?

The plants are either delivered semi-bare-root in size of 1, 2, 3 or 5 Gallon or as liners in sizes of 1, 2, 3, or 5 gallon pots.

Liners/Starter Plants: A liner is wound around a plant that is 6–24 months old and is delivered in a 3”–3 1/2” pot. These vegetation have deep roots. The length of the liner plants can vary from 6" to 15".

A liner could be compared to a teenager who is mature but not yet an adult because they are neither too large nor too tiny.

We send a number of liners, which range in height from 8" to 20", to nurseries across the nation.

  • 1 Gallon: Around 2-year-old plant in a gallon container, typically 8 to 18 inches tall.
  • 2 GALLON: A 2-3 year old plant in a 2 gallon container that is typically between 15 and 24 inches tall.
  • 3 Gallon: 3-5 year old plant in a 3 gallon container, 3/5 GALLON ( usually between 2-3 ft tall).

    For ease or safety, plants may occasionally be delivered in smaller container sizes.

    Additionally, you can ask for big size plants. Please contact us at cs@ezgrowingplants.com at any moment with your requirements.

Why do plants in the fall and winter appear to be lifeless and to be lacking leaves?

Every autumn and winter, the plant loses all of its foliage. It is nature's method of assisting plants to enter their survival state so they can preserve water and adapt to the extreme weather. This process is comparable to hibernation. Since the plant doesn't have any foliage, blossoms, or fruits, the majority of the water is kept in the roots, which meets all of the plant's minimum requirements.

Can i cancel my order?

Before the order is shipped, it is possible to cancel it at any moment and receive a complete refund. We are unable to give any reimbursements after the tracking number has been issued.

Do you have a checklist that can be used before making a purchase?

Click on this website to check your plant hardiness zone: http://planthardiness.ars.usda.gov/PHZMWeb

Check the plant's sun/shade criteria and choose a location in your yard that will meet those needs.

Examine the preferred soil (soil can always be changed) and make the necessary preparations, such as digging ( dig twice the size in width and depth one time, the size of the pot)

Don't fertilize in the autumn or winter. Don't feed a plant that has just been moved, either. 15–25 days after tansplanting, apply fertilizer.

Do we give discounts for large orders?

For large orders and delivery, we do provide discounts. Please contact us by email at any time at cs@ezgrowingplants.com.

Do you provide ideas, suggestions or tips for planting or answers to any queries we may have?

We will make every effort to respond to all of your inquiries. Please contact us by email at any time at cs@ezgrowingplants.com.

Can't find what you're looking for?

Send us an email to tell us what's up and someone from our Customer Service team will get back to you as soon as possible. Be sure to include your order number (if you have one).

Please email us at cs@ezgrowingplants.com