Plants are our reason for being and a blessing that should be shared because they have the ability to motivate, connect, and change. To everyone searching for their inner green, we give our enthusiasm, knowledge, and tools.

We founded EZ Growing Plants in 2023 to share the gift of plants with our roots in Stone Mountain, GA.

We consider vegetation to be changing. They improve our quality of life by adding life to both indoor and outdoor areas. They foster camaraderie and reconnect us with our true selves. Plants give us a sense of stability, teach us tolerance, and reconnect us to the natural world in an age of isolation and distraction.

Plants require attention, just like people do, in order to develop and flourish. Taking care of flora serves as a reminder to take care of others, ourselves, and the environment in which we exist.

Our love for plants is fundamentally rooted in our dedication to people and our firm conviction that every individual has a plant within them that is just ready to be discovered. As we continue to spread our wings and establish new foundations, we give Pistils' touchpoints a thoughtfulness that beckons people into a world of potential.

Born and Grown with Love

It depends how your plant is produced. To give you the healthiest flora possible, we hand-pick them from the best family-run farms. This indicates that you'll be in excellent shape when your plant shows up at your door.

From the Nursery Direct

When you purchase a houseplant from a big box shop or nursery, it has likely spent an average of four weeks moving on a hot or chilly vehicle from a greenhouse to a drafty warehouse. Then it is transported to a shop, probably lacking the water, light, and attention it requires to survive.

Delivered to your Door

Our plants are transported with skill and attention. While plants are being transported from our nursery to your residence, we've learned how to maintain the proper temperature, safeguard their roots, and keep them healthy. With the help of our secured packing, plants are kept in position firmly, avoiding harm and minimizing damage.